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Santa Dog Oversized Hot Pad Mat

Santa Dog Oversized Hot Pad Mat

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This is an amazing, super-sized hot pad mat that is perfect for when you are baking! It has two very fun prints, making it totally reversible and measures 13.5 x 20 inches. It is made with 2 layers of Insulbrite to add extra protection from the heat from those tasty meals or desserts you are cooking or baking. I take things straight from the oven or stove and put them on these mats. They easily fit a cookie sheet or casserole dish. I keep mine on top of my oven when not in use...makes my kitchen look decorated and takes up zero room for storage. My aunt folds hers over the handle of the stove, which is another awesome way to store them!

They make amazing gifts for friends and family, or treat yourself! You deserve it!

Insulbrite makes your mat heat resistant, not heat proof. It is machine washable and you just lay it flat to dry.

*Do NOT put your hot pad in the microwave…the Insul-brite has a reflective metallized poly’s great to use against heat but dangerous if you put it in the microwave!

They are handmade in the Texas!
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