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Motorcycle Hot Pad Set

Motorcycle Hot Pad Set

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These hot pads are amazing. Bright colors with fun fabrics. And they have a pocket to put your hand in to help keep it safe for when you’re reaching for those hot items in the oven or for when grabbing a hot pot from the stove top. They have a layer of insul-brite between the fabrics.  It is an extra layer of protection from the heat. I also use it to put on my countertop and sit the hot pot right on top of it with no worries about my counters. This hot pad comes with a spatula and recipe cards…who doesn’t love new fun things to use in the kitchen!

The hot pad measures about 9x9.5 inches. To clean, just toss it in the washing machine on gentle and air dry…they make great gifts for others and why not treat yourself as well!

They are handmade in the Texas!

*Do NOT put your hot pad in the microwave…the insul-brite has a reflective metallized poly’s great to use against heat but dangerous if you put it in the microwave!
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